Dark Figure in the Mirror

i remember clearly about this event when I was in Vietnam visiting my relatives. I am now 21 years old. It was around April when I was either 15 or 16 years old. I remember that day me and my two sisters shared a room, they got the bed facing the door and I got the bed facing the mirror. In Vietnam, it doesn’t matter what season it was, the sun will set down at around 7pm or something and it will be completely dark around 9pm.


The sun will rise up at around 5 to 6am. I remember that one night when I went to sleep at around 10pm or something. I was passed out completely sleeping on my back, so basically I can see the ceiling. Then suddenly I woke up at around 12 or 1am, I can’t clearly remember what the time was. I was half conscious and half awake if that’s what you call it. I couldn’t move, I was calling out for help from my sisters but they couldn’t hear me.

My body felt so heavy and I could barely open my eyes. But when I got it to open slightly I look at the mirror and I saw a dark shadow looking back at me. I couldn’t see her, I could feel it was a girl and all I saw was the eyes, I can’t remember but the eyes were either red or pitched black eyes. After all my struggling, I finally awoke after like 10 to 15 minutes from that trance like state of mind and looked at the mirror but nothing was their. It was one of those big mirrors where you can see your whole body when standing.

After that event, I never had it again when I was still in Vietnam sleeping in front of that mirror. Can anyone tell me what I’ve experienced?

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